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The Taproom

5th Company Brewing Taproom with patrons seated and standing.
5th Company Logo with Dark Beer in Pint Glass
Selection of Crush Drinks
Self-Serve Tapwall

Craft Beers and Cider!

All Made in-House!

Welcome to our 10 bbl brewhouse, where we brew a variety of lagers, ales, seltzers, and ciders. Our ciders and seltzers are gluten-free options, perfect for those with dietary restrictions. In addition to enjoying our beers on-site, we also offer cans of select beers to-go and have growlers available for purchase, with growler fills as well. Come visit us and experience the taste of our handcrafted brews!

Cocktails and Wine!

Wine, Liquor, Mixed Drinks, and SPecialty Cocktails

We also feature full bar service, and serve a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks, with a specialization in Crushes. Our Crushes come in multiple flavors, and we offer a wide selection of liquors to choose from. Come enjoy a refreshing drink at our bar!

The Beer Wall!

Self-Serve Beer Wall / Powered by 'PourMyBeer'

Our PourMyBeer self-serve "Beer Wall", is the perfect addition to any bar or restaurant. With the ability to pour multiple beers, ciders, and seltzers, patrons can enjoy a variety of drinks at their own pace. The tapwall is easy to use and provides a unique experience for customers, making it more convenient for those who wish to sample all of our available brews on-site, without having to purchase a full glass!

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