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5th Company Brewing's Main Logo

Forged on the Bay.

Crafted for the Revolutionary Spirit!

Located in downtown, historic Perryville, Maryland -- our mission is to connect local beer lovers with our easy drinking and approachable beers made from high quality and locally sourced ingredients. Powered by our 10 bbl. brewhouse and restaurant, we are committed to serving our customers through our taproom, complete with outside patio seating and two event spaces -- large and small, made for both public and private events.

Just steps from our brewery stands the historic tavern once owned and operated by Col. John Rodgers who not only hosted such famous Revolutionaries as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but also raised the 5th Company militia that inspired our name.


Today, we salute the spirit of those who fought for our liberty in everything we do, from the stories we tell to the beer we make.

Check out the picture Gallery below to see what we're all about!


- 5th Company Brewing

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