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Frequently-Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

  • We normally do not allow reservations, but if we have available space and depending on volume of patrons in the taproom, we can ensure accommodations for large parties. (Ex: Party of 15 that only needs 1 table and few seats)

  • Alternatively, we have two event spaces -- one large and one small that we rent out for a fee.

Can we celebrate our Birthday/Engagement/Whatever in the Taproom Space?

  • Absolutely! We would be happy to have you. While we suggest that you rent out one of our available event spaces (Shaker Room / Rendezvous Room - Book here), you can definitely come in and celebrate in the taproom itself.

  • For Taproom Groups, our outside food and alcohol policy still stands. We also restrict any additional decorations or desserts. If you wish to bring either of those sets of items in, you will need to book one of the event spaces.

Are you Pet friendly?


  • We would love to be entirely pet-friendly, but since we include a full-service kitchen on-site, we are unable to allow pets inside our taproom area. However, our outdoor patio IS pet-friendly. We only ask that they remain leashed, and they are well-behaved around our other guests.

  • We reserve the right to ask You to leave if your PET is being disruptive or unruly.

Is there an age restriction for your taproom?


  • Unless specifically stated for a given day, we welcome people of all ages in our taproom, as we feature a full-service restaurant. The only exception is that you'll need to be 21+ to sit at our bar.

  • For underage guests and those looking for non-alcoholic alternatives to drinks, we have soda machines and water available.

  • We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly establishment, as we have non-alcoholic options for drinks, and feature a full-service restaurant. However, we are a brewery.

  • there are possibilities in which we may hold events which are adult-oriented, and/or have a hard age limit of either 18+ or 21+. These types of events are contained in either our large or small event spaces, and are announced ahead of time.

I see you're having an event on ------, will your taproom be open?


  • Unless otherwise stated on the event listing, either on our Events page or on social media, our taproom will always be open under its normal hours.

  • Our ticketed events are usually exclusive to either of our event spaces (large/small), or outside at Lower Ferry Park adjacent from the field. There may be special events in which admission into the brewery itself requires purchase of a ticket. For those specific events, we will make sure to announce that information in advance.

Can I bring outside food/Alcohol into the taproom or for Scheduled Public/Private Events?


  • No. We have a zero-tolerance policy for those who bring in outside food (full Meals) and alcohol into our building, or on our property for public and privately-held events.

  • Small-scale snacks (ex. for Kids/infants, etc.) are allowed.

  • Anyone caught with outside alcoholic beverages not purchased in the taproom will be immediately asked to leave the premises.

  • Events held at Lower Ferry Park are subject to park rules, as the space is owned by the Town of Perryville, not 5th Company Brewing.

  • Patrons are not allowed to take any Open alcoholic beverages off of our property unless:

    • A: We have an Event at Lower Ferry Park​ AND...

    • B: The Town lets us serve alcohol on the premises during that event

Are you hiring?


  • Check our careers page here for open positions and fill out the form provided. You can also fill out the form if we're not actively hiring, as we will keep your information on file and reach out at a later date upon need.

Are you a performer / band / booking agent looking to book an event with us?


  • Reach out via the Contact Form here, or send us an email at and we'll try and set something up.

  • We reserve the right to request a change in performance timeslot, as well as cancellations.

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